Love that old hardware

As time goes by there was a lot of hardware pass by me, and to be honest old hardware gives me more pleasure than new one. I think old hardware inspire me to do new things, because new ideas are forgotten old standards.

Well the first computer is like your first car, you never forget it. Here are some incredible specifications of IBM PL300: CPU PIII 450Mhz, RAM 128MB, HDD 6GB, VIDEO 4MB.

It was not fast but for 2003 that was a rocket. Yes it was a second hand computer, but it was a good start to learn computer. It was fired by Windows Me, I personally like that startup sound nowadays. I almost forgot, it had pre-installed NFS 3 Hot Pursuit, still love that game, too bad it didn’t run NFS Porsche 2000, because of S3 Trio3D onboard video card with only 4MB. After a year I think I bought a AGP nVIDIA 32MB video card for that game, but I didn’t notice that I needed a low profile card.

Today, when I see an offer for a very old computer with a symbolic price, I can’t help but buy it, because it brings so much joy, maybe it is outdated functionally, but as a concept things inside are better thought out.

How to avoid burnout as a developer

Recently, I felt on my own skin what this is. After 5 years of many successful projects all this ended with the change of my working place. Probably this was the best choice because I feel better now.

What were some mistakes that I recommend avoiding. I was the only guy in the company who works as a developer, thats why there were many tasks to do. My salary was too small to support my family (without a child, me and my wife, we could not afford a vacation in a year). Even if I work from home, it does not really help me to maintain a balance between personal life and work.

Now I’m working in a team of developers. Even if it meant for me moving from PHP to JAVA, the tasks are relative simpler than the previous. After the working hours I am free to take care of other things. And the salary is higher than the previous.

So if you have troubles in your life, do not be afraid to make changes.

Useful sources: How to Deal With Burnout