Turning wifi off at night on mikrotik routers

If you think that you must turn off WiFi at night due to security reasons or looking for a healthy rest time, here is how to do that on Mikrotik RouterOS.

To program a Mikrotik router for turning off and on WiFi you must use scripting and scheduling capabilities fo RouterOS.

The command you must run to turn off WiFi is:
interface wireless disable 

So you have to wrote a very small script with just that command. Using WinBox:

Open System -> Scripts window
Press Add button and the script editor window will open
Type a script name like DisableWLAN
Select required policies or check all of them
Type script into the Source text area: interface wireless disable 
You can to test the script with Run Script button
Save the script with Ok button
Now create a similar EnableWLAN script with the opposite command:
interface wireless enable 
Next add the schedule scripts:

Open System -> Scheduler window
Press Add button to open the Scheduler window
Type some meaningful name for the scheduled task like CronDisableWLAN (can be the same as the script’s)
Type the name of your script, DisableWLAN, into the On Event text area
Select the start date (i.e today), start time (hh:mm:ss format, i.e. 23:00:00) and the interval for repeating the action like 1d 00:00:00
Select required policies or check them all
Save the schedule with Ok button

Repeat the same to schedule the enabling script (i.e. CronEnableWLAN starting at 09:00:00 with an interval of 1d 00:00:00)

Now your Mikrotik router will turn off and on at your desired times.

Good rest!