Arvat Vladimir
Keep working hard, but not get tired.

How to avoid burnout as a developer

Recently, I felt on my own skin what this is. After 5 years of many successful projects all this ended with the change of my working place. Probably this was the best choice because I feel better now.

What were some mistakes that I recommend avoiding. I was the only guy in the company who works as a developer, thats why there were many tasks to do. My salary was too small to support my family (without a child, me and my wife, we could not afford a vacation in a year). Even if I work from home, it does not really help me to maintain a balance between personal life and work.

Now I'm working in a team of developers. Even if it meant for me moving from PHP to JAVA, the tasks are relative simpler than the previous. After the working hours I am free to take care of other things. And the salary is higher than the previous.

So if you have troubles in your life, do not be afraid to make changes.

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