Arvat Vladimir
Keep working hard, but not get tired.

Inflation is eating my salary

Prices are rising faster than my salary. In 2022 if you live in the US, you probably already heard that the inflation would reach 8%. But if you live in Moldova (the poorest country from europe) these quotas reach 31% according to this source. Yes the covid thing, the war in ucraine, the oil prices, all these have generated higher and higher prices for everything. Food, clothes, communal services, construction materials, real estate and coffee that is sold on the streets. It seems that if there was a salary increase of 5-10% at the end of the year, this would anyway lead to the reduction of existing salaries because with the same money you can no longer buy as in the past.

The next time you are offered a salary increase, don't forget to take in mind the current year's inflation.

Useful sources: Get Smart With Money on Netflix, sorry you will need a subscription to watch.